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Patel Tours And Travels (Patel Inn & Travels Pvt. Ltd.) is Gujarat's one of the leading passenger transportation service providers with a well-built in operating booking offices all across Gujarat, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, and Madhyapradesh with a master motive for serving well to all the passengers, we connect more than 350 destinations successfully. We are well focused on a safe and comfortable journey for our satisfied travelers. Our team is 100% dedicated to serve well and bring innovative ideas for passenger services on a timely basis. Our helpline team is always active on call to help out passengers with any type of booking-related issues, route confusion, our service feedback, or any other queries.    

Meghjibhai Kuvarji Khetani is a well-known personality in the Bus tour and travel industry. He is a Chairman of PATEL TOURS & TRAVELS, which successfully operates across 4 states of INDIA, by covering more than 350 destinations and the company operates more than 250 Luxury Fleets smoothly to satisfy more than 1 million passengers yearly. He is always dedicated to improving the standard of industry by providing the best to all the passengers.

Meghjibhai's journey:

His father Kuvarji Ramji Khetani used to run a transportation network of camel carts in Kutch. The village Naranper was known as a hub for transportation after the Independence of India. His father used to run camel carts across different parts of Kutch. At the age of 10 years old, he joined with his father and started operating a camel cart between Bhuj to Mandvi.

In 1955 1st Truck, in 1963 an Ambassador Taxi, in 1986 a Tempo Traveler, in 1987 a secondhand Punjab Travels old bus.

From 1990 his business took a turn and the company started achieving successful steps in the passenger transportation industry, After 3 decades of hard work, failures, and dedication today, he is one of the known figure among India's top bus operators.

Since childhood, Meghjibhai was interested in exploring new places and he converted his interest into his passion. He believes that the growth of the travel industry and passenger's comfortable travel experience are two parallel pillars for the coming future, and he is the person who never believes in the competitive market price for passenger's journey. So, at present Meghjibhai and his Son are well focus on creating new services that can ease the travel experience of passengers under a single roof.

Wish you a Happy and Comfortable Journey

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